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Food supplies - pulses, mushrooms, eggs, vegetables
How Paypal account holders and domain investors need money monthly to purchase food
In most countries local intelligence and security agencies will be reasonable and accept the fact that a brilliant engineer who has studied in the best college in the country and worked in the largest company will be competent enough to earn a fair living even when she will start her own business. However the incomeptent, corrupt, greedy indian intelligence and security agency officials in India are extremely incompetent and greedy when they falsely claim that the limited Paypal revenues of the brilliant engineer pose a threat to the security of the country. The small amount of cash withdrawn from the bank account linked to the Paypal account will be closely monitored and used as an excuse to deny the engineer a fair deal, divert and steal her correspondence.
To live every person has some expenses including food, clothes, travel, healthcare, medicine and others. So different food types and expenses are discussed in an attempt to convince the officials that the money will not pose a threat to the security of the country.
The diet of most people will consist of
Like all commodities these items consumed regularly will cost some money and it is hoped that the officials are honest enough to acknowledge the fact and end the extortion racket.

It is time people are aware of how indian tax payer money is being wasted to cause great pain to small business owners, especially domain investor to ruin their health and finances. Any organization which can help end the daily human rights abuses, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to
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Eat Donuts Without Getting Fat